Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Discussion #2

The problem google is having is called click fraud. This is when a person is clicking on his/her own site to gain profit from google. In addition to this there is a process that google is using is called category filtering. This is how someone is able to block ads from certain categories from appearing on their site. The categories are:cosmetic procedures and surgery, dating, drugs and supplements, fast earning schemes, politics, religion, ring tones and downloads, sexual and reproductive health, sexually suggestive pictures and texts, video games, and weight loss ads. They don't want people to get paid by clicking on their own sites. This is not fair to google and it is stealing from their company. I think this is a very unethical. If google gives you the opportunity for you to make money by being creative and get people to visit and join your site. The least people could do is be honest. I think google AdSense should make the joining process longer and do some investigation before adding, and that would cut down on the unethical issues. I like the idea of having google AdSense associated with my blog and honestly couldn't see myself trying to take advantage of a could opportunity or be label has a person who is guilty of "click fraud".

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